What we know about start of season

Catching up Bruins fans with what we know (and don’t know) about the new CBA, when the season will begin and more:

* There will either be a 48- or 50-game season, with the former more likely at this point. In that case, the season would begin on Jan. 19. Details on the schedules are not yet known, but on the original schedule, the Bruins were slated to play the Canadiens in Montreal on Jan. 19.

* There will be a short training camp before the start of the season, to begin as soon as this weekend.

* The deal still requires majority approval from the board of governors, who will meet Wednesday, when the 30 owners will vote on the new agreement with players. The players also need to vote on the deal to make it official.

* The Stanley Cup playoffs are expected to stretch into the end of June to account for the delayed start and compressed season.

* The major details of the new CBA can be found HERE, and you can read about some of the nitty gritty details HERE. One of the interesting additions to the CBA is this: In order to get under next season’s reduced salary cap, teams will be allowed up to two buyouts over the next two summers -- 2013 and 2014 -- either one in each summer or two in one summer and none in the other.