Dougie makes himself at home in NHL

BOSTON -- When the Boston Bruins returned home from their recent five-game road trip, rookie defenseman Dougie Hamilton opened his fridge and knew what he had to do.

“It might be time for a grocery store run,” Hamilton said.

So, after Wednesday’s practice, he and roommate Adam McQuaid went food shopping. Their shopping list is usually the same: chicken, rice, potatoes and pasta.

The two recently became roommates. McQuaid, who comes from a big and close family, thought it would be a good idea to help the 19-year-old Hamilton adjust to living on his own for the first time.

“It’s always nice if you can be in a situation to help somebody out,” McQuaid said. “I couldn’t imagine, at his age, having so much to adjust to. It’s been a good experience and it’s nice to have someone around.

“We both have similar personalities and it’s a pretty quiet house. It’s weird how we can be sitting in the same room with not much being said and we can be comfortable at the same time.”

McQuaid said the two are not the video game types and they mostly watch a lot of reality-TV shows.

“It’s been great, especially Quaider letting me live with him,” Hamilton said. “He’s been showing me what to do and driving me around. He’s been helping me cook and teaching me how to do the laundry and stuff like that. It’s been great and I enjoy living with him. I’m pretty happy and pretty lucky I got that opportunity.”

McQuaid does most of the cooking, but Hamilton is in charge of lunch.

"I’ve got a pretty good grilled cheese that I cook,” Hamilton said with a smile. “That’s my go-to lunch.”

“He can make a mean grilled cheese. He’s made one for me and it was pretty good,” McQuaid said. “I’m trying to keep him off that diet as much as possible, but that’s his go-to.”

Hamilton’s rookie season has been a productive one. He has one goal and seven assists for eight points in 16 games. In the locker room and on the ice, his teammates don’t treat him as a rookie and that has helped his transition to the NHL game.

“I think I’m comfortable,” Hamilton said. “I’m working hard right now learning the D-zone here and the system because it’s a lot different from what I was used to in junior. Once I learn it, it will be better for me. It’s something when you learn it becomes second nature, and right now I have to focus on it pretty hard and make sure I’m doing those things and hopefully soon they’ll become a habit.”