Seidenberg: 'Consistency is a mindset'

WILMINGTON, Mass. -- The Bruins are probably relieved that the April portion of their schedule is about to begin. It wasn't quite "The Ides Of March" for them but they admittedly have not been the team that got off to such a great start this season. The Bruins are 8-5-2 this month as they hit the road for their final two games of March -- in Philadelphia on Saturday and Buffalo on Sunday. They would like nothing more than to close the month out with two wins but to do that they realize they need to regain that mental state of consistency with themselves and in the dressing room atmosphere.

"Consistency is a mindset and that's a mindset we need to get back in this dressing room," defenseman Dennis Seidenberg said. "If we can do that every day and maintain that, we'll win more hockey games."

In recent games, specifically their last two against Montreal, the Bruins have seemed more concerned about what the Canadiens were doing or how the referees were calling the games, citing embellishment by the Habs and losing focus on what they needed to do to improve. While Seidenberg sees less complaining overall, he realizes it's time for the Bruins to take care of what they can do to improve and not blame others or bad breaks.

"I notice less complaining now on the ice but not in the dressing room but everybody does that with the referees but again we need to start looking at ourselves," Seidenberg said. "If you just focus on being the hardest-working guy out there and focus on that and not worry about anything else then we'll be in that mindset. That's what we have to start doing again. If we do, and we make ourselves tough to play against then we'll start winning more consistently."

Seidenberg believes his team can get that consistency going this weekend as long as they don't overlook two teams that are struggling in the Flyers and the Sabres.

"You always have to consider your opponent is motivated to beat you regardless of where they are in the standings or what may be going on there," Seidenberg said of the Flyers. "I'm sure they haven't quit and they want to make the playoffs if they can. They have pride and they're always a tough team to play against."