Ference will talk to NHL about elbow

BOSTON -- Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference will have a conference call with the NHL on Thursday afternoon to determine whether there will be discipline for his elbow to the head of Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mikhail Grabovski on Wednesday night.

Early in the first period of the Bruins’ 4-1 conference quarterfinal series-opening win over the Maple Leafs, Ference came up high with his elbow as he skated past Grabovski and connected with Grabovski’s head. There was no penalty called on the play, but the replay clearly showed Ference raising his elbow to make contact. Grabovski did not appear to be injured on the play.

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about,” Ference said after the game. “I don’t even know which play you’re talking about.”

Bruins coach Claude Julien on Thursday said the matter was in the league’s hands and would not comment on it.

“The league looks after those things,” said Julien. “That job doesn’t belong to me, and I’ll leave it at that.”

Ference was unavailable for comment.

“To me, those are hits in the game,” Leafs coach Randy Carlyle said after the game. “Sometimes in the playoffs, you’re going to see physicality. It’ll be front and center. It’s a game that’s made to be physical. You’re allowed to hit people. To judge if it was offside, a bad hit or a belligerent hit, that’s not for me to judge. That’s for people in the league to make those determinations.”