Jagr's line navigating bumpy road

TORONTO -- Boston Bruins forwards Rich Peverley and Chris Kelly admitted it's been a learning process getting to know their new linemate Jaromir Jagr, the future Hall of Famer who arrived in Boston at the trade deadline.

The transition with him in the lineup hasn't been a smooth one, and the Bruins are hoping that changes soon.

"We have to create more offense," Peverley said. "A little bit was learning what [Jagr] does and we've talked a bit and hopefully we can get better."

That line seemed out of sync in Game 2, and it appears that whoever plays with Jagr has had trouble adjusting.

"I don't think it's difficult," Peverley said. "He's talented and he's at another level. A lot of it is playing your own game, and I don't think I was good enough last game. Hopefully I can be better and hopefully make our line better."

Kelly and Peverley have the advantage of using their speed and trying to create time and space for Jagr.

"Jags has been good. He's a big, strong guy and he makes plays happen," Kelly said. "I think we could support him a little bit better, especially in the offensive zone. Communication is key and holding onto the puck and making the right plays out there will help us generate more offensive chances."

It's not unusual to find Jagr directing his teammates on the ice and on the bench during games. He wants what he wants, and he's not afraid to let his linemates know it.

Both Peverley and Kelly say the lines of communication have been open.

"It's been good," Kelly said. "Communication-wise, Rich and I can talk to him more because he's vocal, which is great, letting us know what plays could happen, or should happen, so in that aspect it's been good."

"He wants us to be on the same page," Peverley added. "He's pretty good at telling us what he wants, but at the same time, Chris and I just have to play our game and do the best we can."