Quick hits from 'Marchy'

Brad Marchand talked with ESPN's Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo today about the Bruins' upcoming series against Pittsburgh, why he's embarrassed by his playoff beard, and what he wants fans to call him.

On the value of getting extra rest before the Penguins series:

"We really have an opportunity to rest. The playoffs have been a very big grind, and lots of bumps and bruises, a couple guys injured, and right now it's giving everyone time to recover, and it's really nice."

On facing Jaromir Jagr's former team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, in the Eastern Conference Finals:

"Everyone knows he spent a long time there, and accomplished a ton while he played there, but he's a Boston Bruin now and everything that happened there is in the past. ... It's going to be a very hard-fought battle for sure. An incredible team over there, and hope we can keep up with them."

On the best thing about Boston while competing in the playoffs:

How crazy our fans get. The stories I hear about what people are doing up in the crowd, it's pretty funny, and I think just shows how great our fans are, to be that into the game. ... They take everything to heart and they're behind the team, so we're very fortunate."

On his playoff beard:

"Mine has got to be by far the worst in the league. Very patchy, very straggly, a little embarrassing to be out in public, but, you know, what can you do?"

On his favorite nickname:

"My favorite just the typical Marchy. Nice and easy. Everyone's jumping on the bandwagon trying to come up with a new one... just call me Marchy and I'll be happy."