Seguin focusing on positives

BOSTON -- Bruins forward Tyler Seguin has tried everything to snap out of the scoring funk he is in right now. Despite leading the Bruins with 54 shots on goal in the playoffs he has just one goal and will enter the Stanley Cup finals with just four points in 16 playoff games.

Seguin’s last point came more than four games ago with an assist in the Bruins’ Game 5 overtime win over the Rangers.

The 21-year-old who was picked second overall in the 2010 NHL draft has done his best to stay positive and while he is definitely frustrated, he has seen some good things come out of his scoring drought. As he pointed out, he’s developed parts of his game that weren’t there before.

“I’ve had different attitudes and mentalities through the playoffs,” Seguin said. “I haven’t had the type of personal run that I’d like to have in the playoffs when I’m playing my game and contributing by getting points and goals. For the first time in my career, I find myself contributing in ways I haven’t before, whether it’s finishing checks or just getting in on the forecheck more and competing and battling. I do believe the hockey gods will bless me with some goals soon for my hard work in those areas, but I know in the end I've got to find a way.”

Seguin admitted that after being a fixture on a line with Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand for the last two seasons, moving to a different line has affected his game. But he isn’t blaming that for his struggles and realizes he must adapt.

“It’s been hard playing with different linemates, obviously playing with ‘Bergy’ and ‘March’ the last couple of years,” Seguin acknowledged. “But it’s my job to find a way to build chemistry with new linemates. I feel we’ve been improving and the last game was great with ‘Daugs’ stepping in and hitting a post and me having some opportunities too, we had a heck of a game. Eventually there’s no chance those won’t go in.”

For now, he’s going to remain upbeat that his game is becoming more complete. The Bruins are in the finals because they are a team and not a group of individuals worried about stats and Seguin realizes that and is happy to be part of such a team.

“I am happy that I’m improving my all-around game,” Seguin said. “You look at a guy like ‘Bergy’ he scores but he doesn’t score a million goals and he’s one of our best players. So I think in the end when it comes to winning championships it’s not always about statistics but rather the little things. If you look at any series it’s the best ‘team’ that’s coming out of it and the team that’s buying into it the most and not the team that’s worried about who’s scoring the most goals.”