Here and there from Cup media day

CHICAGO -- Here and there from Tuesday’s Stanley Cup finals media day:

* Jaromir Jagr, when asked if he thought he would ever win another Stanley Cup: “Yes, I did, every year. It's a goal for any hockey player, any team, before the season start. You have 30 teams. They all got one goal: to win the Cup. They all do maximum for that. Only one can do it. The next season start again, and everybody have the same goal again and again and again. 20 years later, I'm here.”

* Jagr asked about being traded to Boston: “Well, to be honest, I was shocked I was going to get traded. I thought I was going to stay in Dallas. It was kind of last minute decision from the management. I don't think many teams knew I going to get traded.

“So when they told me that that morning, first the management, Dallas management, meet me before I talked to guys from Boston. But they told me I am going to get traded, and it's up to me if I want to go or not. When I talk to the boss, I asked him like three times, Are you sure you want me? They said, Yeah. So here I am.”

* David Krejci talking, on idolizing Jagr as a child in the Czech Republic: “Obviously, he's a big name. He's really big in Czech, especially 20 years ago when he won the two Cups, it was always about him. I wasn't watching the games live. I guess because of those two years when he won, after that it was just him. If you ask any hockey player from Czech who is my age, something like that, everybody is going to say that Jagr is their favorite player. I'm glad he's still playing and I'm on his team right now.

“We played together few years ago for Czech team in the Olympics. That was the first time I met him. Obviously, I was nervous. But it was quick tournament. Then he got here. We got closer. He's a great guy, you know. He's a great player. He works hard on and off the ice. He's helping our team to win. He's a big reason why we are in the final.”

* Cam Neely on the fans’ sendoff Tuesday afternoon at the Garden: “Our fans have been great. Original Six city. They have certain expectations of their hockey clubs. We didn't provide that for a number of years. Last five or six years, we slowly built a championship team. Our fans certainly are ingrained and have deep roots in the Bruins, whether it's grandfather to father, father to son or daughter. We had a couple thousand people show up today to send us off, which was special for the guys.”

* Patrice Bergeron on being back in the Cup finals for a second time in three years: “It's starting I guess to sink in a bit. It never does until you play the game. Can't wait for tomorrow obviously. We're excited about it.