Impact of ice conditions on Game 3

BOSTON -- On a humid day in the middle of June, ice is out of its element in Boston, a fact that made the playing surface less than ideal in Monday night’s Game 3.

It started even before the game began. According to defenseman Dennis Seidenberg, it was the bad surface that played a factor in Zdeno Chara catching an edge in warmups and ultimately needing stitches above his left eye just minutes before puck drop.

“It was pretty bad,” Seidenberg said of the ice conditions. “When you try to shoot, try to swing your blade on the ice, it feels like it's sandpaper. It's really rough. When you try to pass, the puck bounces.

“That's why you have to keep the game simple, like I said. If there's a play to be made, you have to make sure it's an easy one. If not, you rather choose to go over the wall and out.”

Goalie Tuukka Rask acknowledged the ice conditions made his job more complicated as well.

“The ice was pretty good in the start of the periods. Then pretty quickly it got really chippy,” he said. “It's tough to get the read off of shots when it's really a mess out there with the ice. You just got to be extra careful with the crazy bounces and stuff. You don't want to make any stupid mistakes playing the puck either. You just got to be extra careful.”