Bruins injury roundup

BOSTON -- It wasn't the usual injury list given on break-up day, as the Bruins wanted to avoid making excuses for failing to win the Stanley Cup. Besides informing the media that Patrice Bergeron was hospitalized after Game 6 with a small hole in his lung -- in addition to the cracked rib, torn rib cartilage and separated shoulder he was already suffering from -- general manager Peter Chiarelli told reporters that Nathan Horton will need surgery on a dislocated shoulder and that captain Zdeno Chara was battling a "pretty potent" hip flexor injury. We also already knew that Gregory Campbell had surgery for a broken leg.

Here's a look at the other notable injuries that were revealed on Wednesday by the players:

Dennis Seidenberg -- Hamstring
Jaromir Jagr -- Head and back
Wade Redden -- Shoulder

As the summer moves on, other injuries or surgeries may be revealed, but as of now, besides those mentioned, the rest of the team was dealing with the normal wear and tear of the Stanley Cup playoffs.