A tale with some bite

BOSTON –- It practically was an Abbott and Costello act.

But playing the roles of the vaudeville comedians in Monday night’s performance were the Bruins’ Marc Savard and the Flyers’ Dan Carcillo. Except this wasn’t “Who’s on First?”

At the 5:55 mark of the second period in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinal game, the Bruins were attacking when Philadelphia goaltender Brian Boucher gloved a shot. Savard was sitting in front when he swung at the puck and slashed Boucher.

Savard, who was suspended one game in 2003 for biting Darcy Tucker, admitted after Boston's 3-2 victory that he got a little too excited and swung his stick at the puck when it was already in Boucher’s glove.

Immediately Carcillo and teammate Kimmo Timonen jumped Savard and started throwing punches, with Carcillo saying afterward that Savard bit his finger.

What followed was a he-said-he-said.


(Enter Carcillo)

Carcillo: Last time I have been bit was in grade school. It’s not a good feeling. It is pretty cowardly. . . . Guys don’t bite. Men don’t bite.

Savard (with a sinister laugh): Yeah, he embellishes everything. We were in the scrum and he was scrapping at my face and he pulled on my teeth. I guess that’s biting when a guy tries to pull your front teeth out. I don’t know what to say about it.

Carcillo: Yeah, that’s what I do when I get in a scrum. I try to pull people’s teeth out. Whatever, man. He bit me.

Savard: That’s part of the game. I felt great getting into those battles. That’s part of the playoffs.

(Enter Flyers coach Peter Laviolette, clueless)

Laviolette: I heard something about it. I'll be honest, I haven't thought about a bit finger yet. I'm still kind of in the game. Those things usually sort themselves out. If he was, I'm sure it'll get looked into.

(Enter Flyers teammate Mike Richards)

Richards: I have no idea. Maybe [Carcillo] bit himself.

To be continued . . .