Julien, B's excited by dramatic Sunday

BOSTON -- There’s a definite buzz around the Garden today.

On the heels of two amazing comeback wins by the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox on Sunday, the Bruins host the Detroit Red Wings this afternoon and everyone is still talking about what occurred on Sunday. It’s evident that excitement has rubbed off on the Bruins.

“There’s no doubt it does,” said Bruins coach Claude Julien. “It was a pretty exciting day and it makes athletes feel excited about wanting to go out and beat those types of teams, but at the same time we’re playing a Detroit team that I’m sure is still upset about the [4-1 loss last week]. I know they weren’t happy about their game, so there’s no doubt we’re going to see a different Red Wings team today.”

Julien attended the Red Sox game and stayed to the end. He said he was giving high-5s to everyone around him when David Ortiz hit a grand slam to tie the game, and again when the Red Sox produced a 6-5 walk-off win in the bottom of the ninth inning.

“It was pretty neat,” Julien said. “What a day for Boston fans, right? When you look at the Patriots game, which I heard on the radio on my way to the Sox game. And, to witness that comeback last night, it was pretty awesome. I’d like to think we started it against Toronto, I don’t want to feel left out.”

The last time Julien attended a Red Sox postseason game, it was Game 5 of the 2008 ALCS at Fenway Park. The Red Sox trailed 3-1 in the series and were losing 7-0 going into the bottom of the seventh inning. Boston rallied and won that game 8-7.

Red Sox manager John Farrell said afterwards that Julien should attend more games.

Bruins forward Milan Lucic knows exactly how the Red Sox players were feeling after last night's game. The Bruins staged an epic comeback win in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals last spring against the Toronto Maple Leafs, a win that sparked a run to the Stanley Cup finals.

"Being able to be a part of that last year with Game 7 against Toronto and then seeing something like that yesterday, especially in the eighth inning there when Big Papi hit that grand slam, it was the first time that I've ever jumped out of my couch and cheered for something in a long, long time. It was a great day of New England sports watching,'' Lucic said.

"I think there's that special buzz right now in the city. It's probably a good way to set the stage going into this game. Guys are all excited and talking about it going into the game here today. Obviously, we have a lot to live up to.''