Black eye won't keep Bergeron down

WILMINGTON, Mass. -- Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron was sporting a discolored and swollen right eye during practice Friday morning at Ristuccia Arena.

Boston’s assistant captain was hit in the face with a puck early in the second period of Thursday’s 4-1 win over the Florida Panthers at TD Garden. On the play, his vision became blurry but he remained on the ice, hoping it would go away. After about 10 seconds it did not, so he quickly skated to the bench and went to the locker room for medical attention.

The blurriness subsided and he returned for the third period. Bergeron was given a vision test before he was cleared to return to Thursday’s game.

He explained after practice on Friday that there’s a bit of a blind spot because of the swelling. “The vision came back and the blurriness went away, so after that it was fine,” he said. “That’s the only reason why I changed on that shift because it got blurry and you think it’s going to go away but it stayed, so I went for a change. After 10 or 15 minutes it got a lot better.”

It didn’t affect him during practice on Friday and he’s ready to face the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday at the Garden.