Bruins downplay feuding with Habs

MONTREAL -- Gamesmanship is part of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Whether it’s Montreal goalie Carey Price calling the Bruins “lucky” or Boston coach Claude Julien saying his team deals with more “crap” than its opponent, the verbal exchanges are part of the postseason landscape.

The 1-1 series has shifted to Bell Centre for Games 3 and 4, and the rhetoric is likely to escalate as this series progresses. It's part of the emotional Bruins-Canadiens rivalry.

“Everyone has a right to their opinion. We know that since the beginning of the playoffs lots of things have been exaggerated to build an off-ice rivalry. But we’re taking care of our own affairs, and we respect other people’s opinions,” Julien said.

On Monday, Montreal coach Michel Therrien discussed Boston’s tactics, saying the Bruins try to influence the referees. The Bruins say they try to ignore -- and avoid -- such comments.

“We’re more focused on what’s going on in here than what’s going on over there,” Bruins veteran Shawn Thornton said.

The players say the carping between the teams is overblown.

"It's just the press and the media trying to create arguments and create banter,” Bruins forward Reilly Smith said. “We stay away from that kind of stuff, and if that's the way the media wants to portray the series and talk between the teams, that's what they'll do.

“People are going to say what they're going to say. It creates headlines. We're just going to try to control what we can control.”