Teams look to B's for front-office edge

BOSTON -- It’s no surprise that other organizations looking to fill vacant general manager positions have reached out to the Boston Bruins.

Those teams, including the Vancouver Canucks and Washington Capitals, are courting both Bruins assistant general managers Jim Benning and Don Sweeney. Bruins team president Cam Neely said Tuesday that he has given permission for Benning to talk with other teams.

He has talked to a couple different teams,” admitted Neely. “That’s what happens when you have success. Teams look at other organizations that have success and start inquiring about your management group. It’s something that a lot of good organizations have had to deal with over time and we are dealing with that right now.”

Benning also interviewed for the midseason GM vacancy with the Buffalo Sabres.

Team owner Jeremy Jacobs, who was in town Tuesday for a year-end press conference, said he understands the outside interest in his team’s management group.

“It speaks to what’s now become sort of the Boston model," he said. "People do want to copy what you’re doing because of the success we have seen.”