Past, present and future on display

BOSTON -- The past, present and future were on display during the Boston Bruins' intrasquad game Monday afternoon at the TD Garden.

Bruins coach Claude Julien put together an interesting lines for the game, having Patrice Bergeron center veteran winger Mark Recchi and rookie Tyler Seguin. Even though Seguin is a natural center, he can play both the right and the left side.

The PPF (past, present, future) line looked good, notching a goal when Seguin made a nifty pass from behind the net to Bergeron out front.

“Good chemistry,” Julien said of the line. “You could notice that from just sitting up top. There’s some good chemistry there, so it’s interesting. I like what I saw from those three.”

THE PAST: By no means are we calling Recchi’s career a thing of the past. The 42-year-old is far from ancient and he continues to defy the odds every season. This will be his 22nd season in the NHL and he has become a very important mentor for young players in the league. He’s been impressed with Seguin.

THE PRESENT: Patrice Bergeron knows all too well how Seguin is feeling in his first training camp. Even though it seems like ages, it was only seven seasons ago when Bergeron was an 18-year-old rookie with the Bruins. Bergeron was fortunate enough to have players like then-Bruins forward Marty Lapointe as a mentor off the ice, while playing with the likes of Sergei Samsonov on the ice. Bergeron said he felt comfortable with Seguin during today’s scrimmage.

THE FUTURE: Tyler Seguin, Boston top pick (2nd overall) from the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, seemed comfortable and confident playing along side Bergeron and Recchi, and Seguin admitted as much.