Seguin ready for next step in Boston

After being told Thursday night that he will remain with the Bruins and not be sent back to his junior club, the Plymouth Whalers in the Ontario Hockey League, Tyler Seguin was all smiles on Friday after practice. Seguin felt like he had done what was needed to stay, but he now knows for sure that he did.

“I felt like I was working really hard, adapting to the environment, improving on all the little things they wanted me to improve on and staying consistent,” Seguin said.

But the 18 year-old rookie admitted on Friday that he was a bit worried that wasn’t the case when he was called into coach Claude Julien’s office after scoring the second goal in the Bruins' 2-0 win over the Maple Leafs.

“I thought after the game there was something I did wrong in the game or something like that to go over,” recalled Seguin. “But it was a nice feeling, a nice meeting.”

When notified that Seguin thought he was in trouble, Julien joked about how all players seem to think that’s the case when the coach wants a chat with them.

“It’s too bad that they think every time they step in the coach’s office its bad news,” Julien said with a laugh. “Hopefully he understands now that every once in a while there are some good things that come out of this office.”

Julien also recounted the meeting, noting that in his mind, telling Seguin he would be staying in Boston was almost a formality at this point.

“It wasn’t a long one, it was just a matter of bringing him in and saying listen, Peter [Chiarelli] has spoken to me and asked me to share that announcement with him that he’s sticking around, and obviously a big smile came on his face and he was happy because he wanted to stay,” Julien said. “Even though it was said last night, it was probably clear in our minds that it could’ve been said before that. It was just said after the game. But I don’t think it had anything to do with the game or the fact that he scored.

"Like I’ve said, we’ve been pretty happy with the way he’s played and how he’s developed so far. Again, my job was to let those guys up there make that decision and that’s why I stayed away from answering the question. I knew what I liked and what I saw in him and I expressed that, but the decision still remained upper management.”

The next step for Seguin is to finally move out of the hotel room he has been living in since arriving for training camp last month. Seguin wasn’t positive of what his living arrangement might be, but as of Friday, he believed he would be on his own and not with a billet family or a veteran, such as Mark Recchi.

“Right now, it’s still kind of crazy,” Seguin said. “There are a lot of options being thrown out. I don’t know what’s going to be. Right now, I think it might be me in my own place and everyone else kind of in the same building."

“No, not Recchi’s couch ... unfortunately,” he added with a laugh.