GM: Good news on Savard, Sturm

WILMINGTON, Mass. -- While the Bruins deal with losing first-line center David Krejci for at least a week due to a moderate concussion, there is some good news for the team: According to general manager Peter Chiarelli, both Marc Savard (post-concussion syndrome) and Marco Sturm (knee) are improving and could soon be ready to make the final push to return to game action.

“He’s starting to feel like he’s in good shape,” Chiarelli said, when asked about Savard’s condition. “There hasn’t been any lingering side effects that we talked about earlier on in his rehab. He was in very good spirits. I wouldn’t say he’s champing at the bit yet, but we’re almost at that corner with the turnaround. To me -- again, timetables are difficult -- but to me he seemed in good shape, good spirits. I wouldn’t say he’s close, but he’s getting there.”

Chiarelli also wouldn’t commit to a timetable for Sturm but he estimated his return to be in early December as he and the team originally believed.

“Again, you don’t really want to hammer down a timetable or a time frame, but my guess is maybe the first week, 10 days of December,” Chiarelli said.