Recchi in right place at right time

BOSTON -- It seemed no one in TD Garden except Mark Recchi and Sabres goalie Ryan Miller knew that Recchi had scored the overtime winner 2:11 into the extra period, giving the Bruins a dramatic 3-2 win Tuesday night.

A Dennis Seidenberg blast from the point had tipped off Recchi under the cross bar and off the net, but then bounced back into play. The game went on for 51 seconds before a stoppage in play, and after a video review the Bruins went sent home winners for the third time in their last four games.

“I knew it went in because you could hear the clunk, the big crossbar sound, it was underneath,” Recchi said of the goal that made him the oldest player to score in overtime. “I knew it hit me, just got a little piece, just hit me really. I was just trying to get a good screen for [Dennis Seidenberg] and it was a great shot by him.”

Miller, who was superb with 33 saves, knew the puck had gone past him and into the net as well, but claimed it tipped off teammate Paul Gaustad first and also argued that Recchi should have been called for goalie interference.

“The sound sounded like it went in,” Miller said. “It hit Paul on the initial shot and it hit Recchi as he kind of crossed me and then it went in. I thought the ref was just letting the play continue.

“I thought he could have given me a little benefit of the doubt, Recchi being in the crease and obstructing my angle. I had to change my lane and I was still in the crease so I thought that was definitely the way the ref reacted, he thought crossbar, so there was no need to call or make any judgment on Recchi. So I think we lose out on that, too, because if it is just a goal he has to make a decision.”

The other players on the ice seemed to think the Bruins may have won, but couldn't be sure. Seidenberg thought the puck last touched Recchi’s pants; Recchi said it tipped off his wrist area.

“I thought it went in,” Seidenberg said. "‘Rex’ had a perfect screen in front of the net. I shot and he just crossed in front of Miller and it just went on the side of his pants and went in. It doesn’t matter who scores. I wasn’t sure, but I thought it was in. I was just hoping for a quick whistle so we could look at it and call it a goal.”

In the end, it didn't matter how the puck went in; all that mattered was that it did go in.