Chiarelli: Julien's job is safe

Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli, appearing on 98.5 The Sports Hub on Wednesday morning, threw his full support behind coach Claude Julien despite the team's downward spiral.

When asked if he would say "unequivocally that Claude Julien's job is not in danger," he said: "Yes, yes."

He added, "I know Claude’s been fodder a little bit lately. ... He's a good coach, and we're going to figure a way out of this."

"We're going to figure out why we've been flat, we're going to figure out why we have slow starts. We have a good staff here and it's incumbent on the staff to figure it out.

"Consistent with what [Bruins president] Cam [Neely] said yesterday, we're all accountable here. But I'm confident that our staff is going to figure it out and confident that we're gong to play better."

On Tuesday, in an interview on "Felger and Mazz" on 98.5, Neely did not declare Julien's job safe, saying that the coaches and players were all accountable for the team's results on the ice.

Chiarelli on Wednesday admitted that hiring and firing decisions are "a collective thing," but he reiterated that he wants Julien to stay. "That’s my preference and that’s my recommendation. This is a collective thing that we do on these matters. But I have full confidence in Claude and the staff to figure it out.”