Video: Buccigross' top 10 Cup contenders

In the video above, John Buccigross says that he thinks 10 teams have a chance to win the Stanley Cup this season. He counts them down them down from No. 10 to No. 1, with the Bruins checking it at No. 5. Of the Bruins, Buccigross says:

The Bruins have the Stanley Cup formula, goaltending and goal-prevention, offensive, toughness, road prowess and a desperate, hungry hockey fan base that saw the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics win championship last deceade, but not the B’s. It’s been 39 years since their last Cup and that is approaching similar draughts that the Red Wing and Rangers fan bases experienced in the 90s. Bruins players will feel that passion and sense of fan urgency in the playoffs.