Chiarelli 'bewildered' and 'disappointed'

During a team-held conference call Wednesday evening, Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli expressed frustration with the NHL's decision not to suspend Pittsburgh's Matt Cooke for his hit to the head of Bruins center Marc Savard and his own players' reaction to the blindside blow.

Chiarelli was asked about his team's lack of response to the hit. The Bruins have been taking a lot of heat in print and on the airwaves since Sunday for failing to retaliate and for letting Cooke off the hook. The hit came with 5:37 to play in the third period and the Bruins trailing 2-1. Initially Chiarelli said he wouldn't comment because he wants to talk to the team first. But then he did respond.

"I was bewildered, at first, that there wasn't a penalty called," the GM said. "And I guess I was disappointed there wasn't a reaction [by the Bruins]."

Of the league's decision not to suspend Cooke, Chiarelli said, "I'm upset. I can't believe he wasn't suspended. It's really disappointing," the Boston Globe reported.

The Globe also reported that Chiarelli said Savard has shown no improvement and is suffering from throbbing headaches and nausea. Savard, who was diagnosed with a Grade 2 concussion, has been sleeping for much of the time since his return to Boston on Monday.

"He's a player who could be out for the year," said Chiarelli. "I can't talk to him right now. He's been sleeping every day."