Julien stands up for Colin Campbell

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- NHL Vice President and Director of Operations Colin Campbell stepped down from his role as NHL Head Disciplinarian on Wednesday and during the Bruins pre-Game 1 media availability, Bruins head coach Claude Julien went to bat for the embattled father of Bruins center Gregory Campbell.

“Even before Greg came to our hockey club, I have always been one of those guys that understood how hard Colie’s job was and even when it didn’t always favor us, I respected the decisions that were made,” Julien told the media. “So nothing has really changes in that regard. He’s one of those guys that’s no different than referees. If he does something good, nobody gives him the pat on the back and the minute there is something people don’t agree on, he’s being criticized. So it takes somebody special to do that job and I’ve said that again, before Greg came to our hockey club. So I am one of those people who respects the jobs that people have in this game and that includes referees and everybody else that often gets criticized.”

Julien also hasn’t seen his hard-working center affected by his Dad’s position at all this season.

“Well I don’t think Greg has had any issues about it and neither have we,” Julien said. “Because it’s publicly known here that his farther had no decision to be made on anything that regarded our team. So it was done fairly and it was someone else dealing with those issues, so it hasn’t been.”