Play of the Game: Marchand's goal

BOSTON -- Midway through the second period, Bruins forward Brad Marchand potted a brilliant shorthanded goal that aided Boston's four-goal outburst that frame and carried them to an 8-1 triumph over the Vancouver Canucks in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs Monday night at TD Garden.

"I think it was a key point in the game," said Marchand. "They were on a power play there and if they would have been able to capitalize on that, then it would have been a 2-1 game -- a completely different situation," said Marchand. "So to get it was a key point in the game, but obviously a lot of guys stepped up."

Not on this play. It was just Marchand. Let's take a closer look courtesy of screenshots from the Versus broadcast:

Play of the Game #1

The key to the play starts at center ice, where Marchand manages to gain control near center ice with four white shirts in his vicinity. Vancouver's Daniel Sedin seems to think it's a harmless flip into the zone when Marchand tosses it off the near boards, but with a head of steam as he zips through center ice, Marchand wins the race back to puck as it crosses the blue line.

Play of the Game #2

With Sedin in the dust, only Vancouver's Ryan Kesler is left trying to corral Marchand as he charges in from the right wing. Kesler misses on an attempt to poke the puck away, then can't prevent Marchand from swooping in front of the net, where he does an incredible job just to maintain possession.

Play of the Game #3

Marchand is left 1-on-1 with Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo, who likewise whiffs on an attempt to poke the puck, then can only kick out his right pad hoping to take away anything low to the ground.

Play of the Game #4

Marchand waits for Luongo to commit and flips the puck high for the unassisted shorthanded goal at 11:30 of the period. That put Boston out front, 3-0, giving it a goal at even strength, in the power play, and shorthanded.

"It's definitely one of the better ones I've ever scored and a good time to get it," said Marchand. "So I was definitely happey."

Here's video of Marchand, including his explanation of the shorthanded goal: