Julien: Support decision on Rome

BOSTON -- Bruins coach Claude Julien today discussed the NHL's decision to suspend Aaron Rome for four games for his season-ending hit on Nathan Horton.

"I don't want that job, to be honest with you," Julien said. "It's a tough job. I'm one of those guys or one of those coaches that respects whatever they do. For people that thought I was disappointed with the [Alex] Burrows thing, I wasn't. I moved on.

"In regards to this one here, they made a decision. I think it's important for our whole league to protect our players from those kind of hits. Again, I support them. Whether you agree or not, you support them. I support them with the Burrows decision and I'm supporting them with this one, as well.

"We lost a pretty good player. Obviously glad to know that it's not as bad as you always suspect. For him to be out, got out this morning, has gone back home, obviously a long road to recovery, but hopefully he gets better soon."