Murphy to B's, Canucks: Cut out the 'crap'

BOSTON -- In announcing the Aaron Rome's four-game suspension NHL senior vice president of hockey operations Mike Murphy held court with reporters to talk about the punishment and the chippy nature of the series.

* Murphy on his conversation with Rome: "I don't want to say much because the hearing is a private conversation. But he felt it was a hockey play, a hockey play that went bad. They're my words, not his, but that's basically what he said. It was a one-on-one play. The puck was released, and he followed through with the hit."

* On whether it was a tougher decision because it was the Cup finals: "No. I think it's the right decision. It had nothing to do with the stage. It's the play. The play speaks for itself. We assess the play as I described to you. It was late and it injured a player, it injured him severely. We review the medical report. I spoke with the medical people in Boston this morning. It doesn't look good for Nathan right now to come back and play in this series. The play speaks for itself."

* On the incidents in this series: "We've addressed it with the teams as early as this morning. I will be speaking with both general managers and coaches before the day's over about the crap that we're seeing, the garbage that is going on, some of the issues."

After the session, Murphy told ESPN.com's Pierre LeBrun that he has told both the Bruins and Canucks that the next player who wags his finger in a scrum will get a 2-minute penalty, plus a 10-minute game misconduct.