Suspension a rallying point for Canucks?

BOSTON -- A roundup of reaction from the Canucks today to news that teammate Aaron Rome would be suspended for the rest of the Stanley Cup finals for his Game 3 hit on Nathan Horton. To a man, the Canucks insist that while expressing concern for Horton (severe concussion), "as a team" they don't agree with the punishment. Some even hinted that it might be a rallying point for Vancouver:

* Henrik Sedin: "[Horton] passes the puck, Rome steps up. It's not like it's a blindside. I think the guy didn't even know that he was there. I thought it was a good hit. Like I said, we have to move on. This is the finals. We got no time. I feel for Aaron right now. As much as you don't want to see a guy

go down like Horton, this is the way it is. I know the guys we have in the room. We're honest guys. We're hard-working guys. We're a tight group. If people on the outside say what they want to say, that's fine. Aaron has been a big part of this team. He's an honest player.

* Daniel Sedin: "We totally disagree [with the suspension]. We support Rome. He's a hard-working guy. He has no intention to hurt anyone out there. At the same time you never want to see a guy leave the ice like that. Certainly support Rome.

* More from Daniel Sedin: "I think we're thinking of Rome right now. He's a hard-working guy, great teammate and a friend. He's going to be out of the playoffs. It should be a rallying cry for us, too."

* Manny Malhotra: "I think as a group we don't agree with the suspension. I'll leave it at that."

* More from Maholtra: "I don't think we put too much stock into what people have thought of us in terms of good or bad guys. I think all year we've done a great job of keeping things internal. The greatest pressures that we've had all year and the greatest pressures we've seen have come from within our room, the challenges we put on ourselves, the peer pressure we put on ourselves. We understand there's going to be a lot of hoopla around the team, whatever people want to call us. The biggest thing that matters is what we're saying in the room.

* Roberto Luongo: "We all feel bad for Rome. We don't feel he deserved what he got. We do it for ourselves, and obviously a teammate like Rome that won't be able to help us out for the rest of the series."