Seguin ready to go tonight

BOSTON -- Bruins rookie forward Tyler Seguin made a commitment to himself, his coaches and his teammates that he would practice hard, stay sharp and be ready if called upon in the Stanley Cup playoffs. He kept his promise the first time he was called into action, with six points in Games 1 and 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. After sitting down in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals for Shawn Thornton, Seguin will be back in the lineup tonight for Game 4 in place of injured winger Nathan Horton, who is out for the series with a severe concussion.

“I’m excited for sure and I’m ready to go in and help my teammates,” Seguin told the media after the game day skate Wednesday morning.

Seguin knows that no one player can replace Horton. It needs to be a team effort.

“Obviously you can’t replace a guy like ‘Horts’ [Horton],” Seguin said. “Everyone just has to step up, just like when Bergy [Bergeron] was out, all the guys had to step up even more. And that’s just what everyone is going to ask out of each other for tonight’s game.”

Seguin said he completely understood head coach Claude Julien’s decision to play Thornton instead of him in Game 3 and was supportive of Thornton.

“I think you almost have to be understanding,” Seguin said. “I mean I wasn’t happy with how I played last game in Vancouver. I didn’t think I played my best and I can’t say I saw it coming, I can’t say I was shocked. It was what is was and I gave ‘Thorty’ [Thornton] a pat on the back and said go get them, that’s all I could do.”

Now he plans on approaching Game 4 the same way he approached coming into the lineup in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals.

“I just tried to get in the way just like I am going to try to tonight,” Seguin said. “Obviously I got some good bounces in those games and it worked on the score sheet. Tonight I want to do the same and have a great defensive zone game as well.”