LeBrun: Bruins' evolution

ESPN.com's Pierre LeBrun writes about the Bruins evolution as a team and how they learned from some of their past failures:

VANCOUVER -- Picture the Boston Bruins at a team-bonding camp in the Vermont hills this past fall. Think of the image of players trying to work through the psychological demons of a stunning playoff loss from the spring before.

There would be no elephant in the room this season. The Bruins decided they would deal with it head on. And right away.

"It was the only way to approach it at the time," Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli told ESPN.com on Thursday. "We did take a lot of care and planning in setting up the training camp. The way last year ended wasn't very fun and we knew it would have an impact on the team and we had to address it in the right way."

On the opening day of camp, Chiarelli addressed the players. He wanted to make it clear they would not just brush off what transpired last postseason, when the Bruins coughed up a 3-0 series lead to Philadelphia and became only the third NHL team in history to lose in that fashion.

"I had to send a strong message and let them know that this was going to be the way we approach things," Chiarelli said of his camp address. "It wasn't the usual, 'Welcome to camp and we're going to work hard.' It was about how the season ended last year and how we were going to approach this season. I wanted to make sure it was in our players' minds that we were not going to avoid it; we were going to build on it and it would make us stronger."

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