Horton loves that dirty water

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Injured Boston Bruins injured Nathan Horton was on the ice and hoisted the Stanley Cup after his teammates dismissed the Vancouver Canucks in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals Wednesday night at Rogers Arena.

He made the trip here and, hours before Game 7, stood on the bench in shorts and his No. 18 hooded sweatshirt, holding a water bottle.

Horton unscrewed the green Gatorade bottle and empty its contents onto the Rogers Arena ice. What he was emptying was water from the Garden ice.

“We wanted to put our ice on their ice and make it our ice,” Horton said after the victory.

When the Bruins acquired Horton in a trade with the Florida Panthers last summer, he was expected to come to this team and make a difference. He did. And he is forever grateful for that opportunity.

“It definitely changed my life,” Horton said of the trade. “All year, it’s been an amazing year, it’s been special. Playing in Boston with such great fans and the love of hockey, it’s just an unbelievable place to play hockey and I got a chance to be here and play for the Boston Bruins.”

Here is NHL.com video on Horton with his water bottle before the game: