Early crowds surprised Paille

BOSTON -- While the Bruins' rolling rally departed the TD Garden around 11 a.m. on Saturday, many of the players trekked to the arena at least three hours before and were surprised to find fans already queuing up for a front-row spot for the late-morning festivities.

"We were walking in here this morning, I can’t believe how packed it is here already," said Paille. "To come in here, and how everyone is excited, shook a few people’s hands. I was running a little late so I couldn’t stop, but it was really awesome and appreciative."

With Boston police confirming that this was the largest of Boston's recent championship celebrations -- aided by the nice weather and the weekend placement -- Paille was eager to see what awaited along the parade route.

"I mean this is just the start, so I can’t wait to just move on and see how many people are there," he said. "But I mean, just to have the support that we’ve had all season and throughout the last few years, it’s going to show today. I mean, obviously when we won, I heard it was amazing here, an amazing feeling, so although I’m happy where we were in Vancouver celebrating but obviously it would have been great to be here with the city.