New head shot rule may apply

BOSTON – Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk received an elbow penalty and a game misconduct at 7:21 of the third period against the Calgary Flames on Saturday at the Garden.

He was racing to the corner to retrieve the puck in his own end when he collided with the Flames’ Rene Bourque. Boychuk went down and the play continued. When he got to his skates, the puck was still in the corner and he got back into the play and hit Bourque, dropping the Calgary winger to the ice.

"I just went to finish my check and I saw a couple of sticks in the air,” said Boychuk. “I thought I got my glove in his face, not an elbow.”

Boychuk said he was surprised he received a game misconduct and hopes the penalty won’t result in something further due to the new head-shot rule that was put into place last Thursday. Bourque was hurt on the play and needed to be attended to by the trainer, but he was able to continue playing.

"I don’t think I should be suspended, but we’ll see what they have to say,” Boychuk said.

After the game, Bruins coach Claude Julien said there was no intent on Boychuk’s part and doesn’t know if he’ll hear from the league. Boston had a five-goal lead at the time of the incident.

“I don’t know,” said Julien. “There’s a lot of times you’re thinking one way, but the league sees it a different way. From what I could see, and I know he ended up having his arms up, it looked more like his forearm than anything else. They gave him an elbow, but at that time of the game, and the score, they certainly didn’t want this game to get out of control. I hope that’s what it is and I hope that’s how everybody sees it. We know Johnny Boychuk, he certainly wasn’t going out there to try to injure a player. He just got his arms up and it ended up getting in his face.”