Thomas gets start in net for Bruins

BOSTON -- Tim Thomas will start in net for the Boston Bruins today in a rematch of the Stanley Cup finals against the Vancouver Canucks at TD Garden.

When Julien was asked about the Canucks decision to start Cory Schneider instead of Roberto Luongo, Boston’s coach said it wasn’t any of his business to concern himself with Alain Vigneault’s decisions.

“I don’t think I need to answer that, because first of all I think it’s their business ... They choose to run their team the way they want, and as far as I know I think they feel the same way we do about our goaltending tandem. I think they have a lot of confidence in Schneider and, to be honest with you, I would have no issues with putting Tuukka Rask in net today the way he’s played.

“Maybe for people it seems to mean a lot but I think it’s [Coach Vigneault’s] decision, and they’ve got two good goaltenders the same way we do.”