Boychuk to miss tonight's game

BOSTON -- Johnny Boychuk (mild concussion) will miss his second straight game Thursday when the Bruins host the New Jersey Devils. Boychuck also missed Tuesday’s game against the Ottawa Senators.

While Boychuck won’t play Thursday, he did skate for a second straight day in the morning and is feeling better.

Boychuk expressed some cautious optimism to the media and said at this point he wasn’t worried about missing an extended amount of time like teammate Nathan Horton, who has been out since January 22 after he too was diagnosed with a “mild” concussion.

“No. Not at all,” Boychuk answered if he was worried. “You go out there and see how you feel and you can’t be nervous. You feel good then you feel good. If you don’t then you get off. We’ll see how I feel later on today. Hopefully if I feel good, then I’ll do the same thing tomorrow and hopefully progress.

If I don’t feel well one day, then I take a break, but if I do, I keep going. It’s all depending on the person and how they feel. You don’t want to rush back into anything and then get hurt and be hurt for a longer period of time. So you use your own discretion and the team’s discretion on how to handle it. With Nathan he’d doing what he has to do and handling it his own way.”

Boychuk said that the hit he took Saturday from Senators forward Chris Neil that injured him was a clean hit and he also remembers it clearly.

“Yeah. I remember getting the puck from Timmy [Thomas] and then looking up to see where my centerman was and make the pass and boom! More or less,” Boychuk said. “Then getting up and seeing that he [Neil] was still down, I don’t know if he was scared that somebody was going to beat him up, but good thing he stayed down because I saw ‘Z’ [Zdeno Chara] coming over there.”

Boychuk also expressed his gratitude to Chara for eventually dropping the gloves with Neil later in the game, saying “he showed what a good captain is.”