Murphy's prediction: B's will force Game 7

1. Will the Bruins force a Game 7 and why?

Yes, the Bruins will win Game 6 and for one simple reason: experience. The core of this team that has been here since 2007-08 has faced elimination 10 times and is 7-3 in such games. Last year, the Bruins were 4-0 facing elimination en route to the Stanley Cup. This team seems to thrive off such games and the pressure it brings and that's why the Bruins will bring this series back to Boston for Game 7.

2.) If Patrice Bergeron plays but is not at full strength, what Bruins forward can compensate for all Bergeron brings?

If Bergeron is at half speed or below, the Bruins luckily have enough depth. This would serve as the perfect chance for Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin to shine and show what Bergeron has taught them this season when they played on his wings. Use the two-way game and determination Bergeron brings and combine to fill in the void.