Julien leaves no doubt: Bergy's playing

BOSTON -- As the morning news conference with Boston Bruins coach Claude Julien began, no one from the media was asking any questions.

So Julien interceded: “No one wants to know if (Patrice) Bergeron is playing tonight?”

When Julien was finally asked whether Bergeron (upper-body injury) would be in the lineup for Wednesday night’s Game 7 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinal series against the Washington Capitals, Julien nodded and have a decisive: “Yes.”

Bergeron suffered the undisclosed injury during Game 5 last Saturday in Boston but he was able to play the entire Game 6 -- albeit as a winger and not a center due to his injury.

Julien also told reporters Tuesday that Bergeron would suit up: “He played last game and he’s playing next game. I don’t know how much clearer I can get -- he’s playing.”