Ramsay returns to bench

BUFFALO, N.Y. –- Boston Bruins assistant coach Craig Ramsay will be back behind the bench for Game 2 after spending Thursday night in the hospital with a bout of the flu.

Ramsay, a cancer survivor, is hypoglycemic and said he hadn’t had enough to eat and drink. He walked back and forth from the team hotel and rink and ran the stairs here at HSBC Arena before his episode in the locker room on Thursday afternoon.

Once Ramsay got to the hospital he said he was feeling fine, but he was kept over night for precautionary reasons.

“The guys are great and they’re glad to have me back,” said Ramsay. “There were a few shots about taking the night off, especially since I had given Z one about taking the night off in Washington [last regular season game] while I was working. He complained that he was working and I wasn’t. I earned that, no doubt about it.”

Ramsay has dealt with numerous bouts of cancer and tries to stay healthy because of his past history.

“With no stomach, I get hypoglycemic and along with a touch of the flu it was a little unnerving at first, but I had an idea what was happening,” he said. “If I could get it under control and after about a 10-minute incident I felt a lot better. I was feeling fine, but because of the past history they wanted to make sure everything checked out. They wanted to check my heart, but I said, ‘It’s not my heart, boys.’ They were a little panicky so off I went.

“I haven’t had any flu or anything like that since ’93 when they took my stomach out, so it’s been a long time,” he added. “I can’t throw up or be sick, so when you get uncomfortable there’s nothing I can do about it physically. You just have to get through those kinds of things.”