Hnidy returns to the lineup

BOSTON -- Defenseman Shane Hnidy returns to the lineup today for the Boston Bruins.

“I’m excited. It’s been a while,” Hnidy said. “I’ve put in a lot of practice and a lot of work and now it’s time to go out there and put everything into the game.”

After suffering a severe shoulder injury during training camp with the Phoenix Coyotes, Hnidy signed with the Bruins on Feb. 26 and today will be his first game since last spring. He admitted he’s feeling anxious and nervous.

“I didn’t know if this opportunity would come again. It has and I’m very grateful for that and I want to make the most of it,” Hnidy said. “I’m looking forward to getting out there and getting in game situations.”

This is his second stint with the Bruins. The 35-year-old blueliner played a total of 108 games with 17 points during the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons.

Due to the nature of his injury, and his age, Hnidy had thoughts that his career could be over.

"I'm very grateful for the organization to give me this chance and I want to make the most of it," he said. "I want to prove them right for taking a chance on me."