Baby talk: Davis is a Saints fan

As told to Louise K. Cornetta

Celtics forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis is keeping a player diary for ESPNBoston.com this season. He checks in with his first entry on what he's learned from injuring his thumb and clears up some rumors.

"I started out thinking this is the year I wanted to be a better player. I was noticing what I did last year and where I could get better. Just getting better all the way around was my goal. Then I busted my right thumb. We all know that story. That set me back a little bit.

"Not being able to play and be around my teammates a lot has been the hardest part. As far as my thumb injury, it helped me tremendously to just be focused. To understand the level of commitment that I have to do for the team and myself.

"The hardest thing to do without my right hand is tie my shoe. It's hard to tie my shoe with just one thumb. I'm still working on that. I try and just make sure my shoes are tied.

"My cast hasn't really gotten that itchy. It's weird. But let me tell you, it means a lot just to be around the team and be able to interact with those guys every day. To be around them just means a lot. It keeps my spirits up.

"When I got hurt I knew I had to learn from my mistake. You've basically got to make lemonade out of any situation that you're given. That's something I've always lived by. Use everything to your advantage. Use the negative things that happen to you to make you into a better player and person, just an all-around person. You can use that lesson throughout life.

"I can't wait to be back. I'll be back soon, as soon as possible. I want to bring the team energy and my experience that I've learned and my talent. Basically, be a role player for the guys.

"We have some new guys on the team. Let's play a little word association. I'll tell you the first thing that comes to mind on my new teammates. With Sheed [Rasheed Wallace] it's techs for technicals. Shelden Williams is Duke, where he went to school. Marquis Daniels is Dallas because he played for the Mavericks. You'd think he would be a big Cowboys fan, but he likes the Dolphins. Just don't tell anyone in Boston that.

"But I'm the biggest football fan on this team. My team is the Saints. But you know what, when I think about it, Eddie House is number one. He loves the Raiders, then me, then Sheed and his Chiefs. And let me set the record straight, I do NOT want to play football.

"And since we're clearing up rumors, I'll let you all know my nickname is still Baby, that has not changed. Until next time and I better be back playing then."