A new cast for Baby? Call security

Celtics forward Glen Davis engaged in a spirited workout before Tuesday's game against the Milwaukee Bucks and, asked about his possible return to the court, Big Baby kept emphatically repeating, "Soon."

Which is to say, he doesn't know exactly when he'll be back, but no one's more eager for that moment than him.

In fact, Davis joked that doctors needed to call in additional help when they fitted him last week for a new soft cast because he was hopeful he'd finally shed all protective fittings for good.

"They had to call security because I didn't want another cast on," said Davis. "I was moving [the injured right hand], it was sturdy. They were contemplating if they wanted to put another cast on, but they wanted to make sure it was healed."

Nearly two months after an embarrassing off-court incident left his right thumb fractured two days before the start of the 2009-10 season, Davis knows he's close to returning to the court and unrestricted activity.

He's worked hard on conditioning (joking he could run a marathon now, or compete in long-distance Olympics events) and his left-handed shot ("If you gave me five attempts, I could make three," said the career 45.6 percent shooter) while recovering from the injury to his dominant hand.

Davis said he had been waiting for the bone to heal inside the original cast. He had both the original cast and pins removed last week and was fitted for a soft cast that offers more mobility and allows him to shoot with that hand again.

So when can we expect him back. "Soon" was his catchphrase.

"If it was up to me, I'd play tomorrow," said Davis. "But I haven't played in a while. I'm just excited to get out there."

Asked about Davis's potential return date, Celtics coach Doc Rivers did offer a fairly short timetable.

"I heard maybe after the West Coast trip [in late December]," said Rivers. "I guess there's a chance he could play on that trip. I think he's going to go on that trip with us. Other than that, I have no idea."

Baby certainly hasn't lost his personality being sidelined. He joked throughout a pregame session with the media and you would have thought it was an (off-color) improv show when Rasheed Wallace joined the fun from a nearby locker stall.

Now Davis is eager to join the fun on the court. He says the new cast is helping to strengthen and protect the ligaments (a danger Marquis Daniels knows too well now). Once the new soft cast comes off, it should only take a couple weeks to get game ready.

"I think they've been doing great," Davis said of the Celtics 17-4 start. "We're working on some things -- we always need to work on something. I think the team is doing a great job... coming back off that big road trip, that was big for us. Hopefully we get everybody back together."