Best record in basketball

After the Lakers stumbled last night against Utah (and the Jazz's super cool green jerseys), the Celtics wake up this morning in the Windy City with the best record in basketball at 19-4.

If you're the type that doesn't like a target on your team's back, don't fret. The Celtics can still play the disrespect card for the time being. According to John Hollinger's updated playoff odds this morning, a whopping six teams still have better odds of winning the NBA title.

The Celtics are pegged with a 6.3 percent chance of raising banner No. 18, but that's below the Lakers (8.9 percent), Dallas (7.4), Orlando (7.3), Cleveland (6.8), Atlanta (6.8), and Denver (6.6).

On the flipside, Boston is pegged to finish with the best record in basketball at 61-21 (with their best potential win total hopping up to 75 in Hollinger's formula, which runs 5,000 simulations each day).