Doc on Rasheed's ejection

BOSTON -- Celtics reserve forward Rasheed Wallace, ejected in the second quarter of Friday's 98-97 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, had departed the TD Garden by the time media gained access to the home locker room.

That left coach Doc Rivers and his teammates to answer for Wallace's disqualification after picking up double technicals for jawing with referee Bill Kennedy midway through the second quarter.

Wallace had accumulated three fouls in just under nine minutes of play. Unhappy with some of the calls, Wallace voiced his frustration and was heaved during a TV timeout with 5:35 to play in the first half.

Here's some of the Q&A with Rivers:

Are you disappointed in Wallace's ejection?

Doc Rivers: "Yes, yes I am. I'm disappointed when anybody gets thrown out of a game. Whether he's right or wrong, it doesn't matter. You've got to try to control yourself to stay in the game. But he didn’t. And I didn’t -- I wasn’t going to try to stand there and talk him out of it. He’s a grown man. At some point it’s him -- he understands his value to this team, and his teammates understand his value to the team, and I think at some point that will get to him."

Can Rivers talk to Wallace about the technicals?

DR: “Listen, I can. And I will, a little bit. But I’m not going to have a summit, I can tell you that. It’s too early. He's been doing it a long time. He’s an expert at it. But we knew that when we got him, and I still love him. I think he’s great, he’s been great for our team, but he’s going to have some of these days."

Had Wallace reached the point of no return Friday night?

DR: "I don't know. I’m not an expert on emotion overloads. I’m not. Clearly today, yeah, I would say you’d be right.”

Did Wallace pick up both technicals at the same time?

DR: "I’m assuming yes. I think they were all at once. Yeah. I just think it was one of those, ‘You’re thrown out.’ So the answer would be, 'Yes.' He earned it."

Rivers went on to joke that he would have had to acted as fast as world-class sprinter Usain Bolt runs in order to prevent what transpired with Wallace.

Wallace has 10 technical fouls now on the 2009-10 season. According to the NBA, technical fouls 6-10 cost the player $1,500 apiece for a fine. That jumps to $2,000 for each of the next five fouls and the player is suspended for one game when he reaches 16 technical fouls (every other foul after that also results in a fine and one-game suspension).