Two refs? Probably good for 'Sheed

BOSTON -- Due to the snowstorm that has caused havoc with the transportation system along the East Coast, referee Leon Wood is unavailable for the Celtics-Timberwolves game, leaving a two-man crew for Sunday night's tilt.

Asked if that bodes well for Rasheed Wallace, who picked up his ninth and 10th technical fouls of the season and was ejected from Friday's loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, Celtics coach Doc Rivers joked, "It may help. That's one less person to talk to."

But Rivers thought a two-man crew might actually be a nice change.

"I enjoyed [the old two-man crews during his playing days]," said Rivers. "There were less rules, too, but the refs just reffed the game. Now they have so many things to call, it makes it difficult. With the third ref, one ref might see something, but doesn't want to make the call because it's the other guy's. With two guys, they just call what they see. They don't worry about stepping on each other's toes. Though it might be difficult because they're not used to it now."

Rivers was asked if he'd support a league in which players called all their own fouls.

"It would be terrific," said Rivers. "The game would be about 30-32. Stars would call a foul on every play, just like they do in the summer. If you watch a summer pickup game with any of the stars, whenever they miss, it's automatically a foul. It doesn't matter if it's a foul or not, they just wait out of bounds until the other team sees it and throws them the ball. So, no, give me the refs."