Racing Rasheed

Celtics coach Doc Rivers made a New Year's resolution to slim down, possibly with eyes towards an in-season ritual in which he challenges his players to a foot race.

The 48-year-old Rivers thought he had a chance to beat a couple of his guys, namely 35-year-old Rasheed Wallace, but after watching Wallace pull off a quick spin while driving for a baseline dunk over Toronto's Andrea Bargnani in the fourth quarter of Saturday's victory at the TD Garden, Rivers isn't so sure any more.

"[The spin move was] old school -- wow, that was quick," said Rivers. "It's funny, we have a running joke. I race the guys once a year, and we've yet to do it this year because I'm in horrendous shape and I'm worried about pulling my Achilles or my hamstring, so we're waiting. Rasheed was one of the guys I thought I could beat until I saw him run in practice about two weeks ago when we had a little thing. I've given up on him. So my target now is [Glen "Big Baby" Davis].

"He is quicker than you think he is, he showed it on that one."

Forget Rondo vs. Chris Johnson. We've got an even better race to look forward to now.

Wallace commented on his spin move in our Saturday Leftovers, saying, "I’m just playing basketball, man. [Bargnani] wants to sit on that high side, well, I’m gonna spin baseline. I’ll go baseline. He wants to cut out the baseline, I’ll go low. It’s just basic basketball, ain’t nothing new, nothing different.”

But players and coaches raved about the highlight-reel moment and Wallace's play overall after logging a game-high plus-19 in plus/minus, while registering 16 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals and a block.

"He was terrific, absolutely wonderful," said Rivers. "He hit big shots when we needed it, he got big rebounds, he defended well, he got on the refs. He did all that stuff."