Doc's Opinion: 'We got our butts kicked'

BOSTON -- Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers didn't try to sugarcoat his team's 96-83 loss to the Chicago Bulls Thursday night at TD Garden.

"Well, we got our butts kicked tonight in every fashion," said Rivers. "I hate when it happens at home, it's happened too much as far as I'm concerned, but we've got to fix the problem."

Rivers spent much of the rest of his postgame Q&A with the media explaining that, while injuries and busy stretches are not excuses for losing, his team has certainly been tested playing four games in five nights while ravaged by injuries.

But Rivers tried to give all the credit to the Bulls.

"I don't know [if fatigue was a factor]," said Rivers. "The Bulls were fresh. They looked it. They looked athletic. They looked quicker. I thought they came with a sense of purpose tonight. I think they knew, obviously, this is our fourth in [five nights] and sixth in [nine days]. But that's not an excuse. It happens to every team. And I didn't think mentally we handled it very well."