Rivers' son injured in tournament

Injuries can’t seem to escape Celtics coach Doc Rivers. But this time it was his son Austin he watched hobble to the bench.

The junior guard for the Winter Park, Fla., Wildcats injured his ankle while playing against the Gonzaga College High team in the 2010 Hoophall Classic in Springfield, according to the Boston Globe. His father was at the arena watching him play.

He probably didn’t expect to see another injury.

“That’s been the Celtics’ month,’’ Rivers told the Globe. “[Austin] just needs to fall right in line with Kevin Garnett and everybody else. It hasn’t been a good four, five weeks in Celtics land with injuries.’’

According to the Globe, the young Rivers had scored 21 points, including two entertaining dunks in the first half and several three-pointers, when he hit the floor early in the fourth quarter. Apparently his leg was stepped on by a defender. He could be heard screaming in pain and was carried off the floor, according to the Globe.

His father, who attended the game after a short Celtics practice, was seen getting up from his seat and walking across the gym to check on his son, who never returned to the game.

“First I saw him grab up higher than an ankle and I got concerned because you never want anything,’’ Doc Rivers told the Globe. “But right when I saw him back down to his ankle, I was relieved, because it’s an ankle.’’

Rivers, at 6-foot-4 and 189 pounds, is considered a big-time prospect, according to ESPN’s Recruiting report. He has given a verbal commitment to Florida but was also considering Duke.