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Getting ready for a family outing is a process for the Landrys, but they finally get on their way one September evening. Andy Manis

Back in September of 2008, ESPN.com profiled Marcus Landry in a feature story on his life as an athlete, husband, and father at the University of Wisconsin. Before the Celtics formally introduce the rookie, obtained last week in a five-player swap that also brought Nate Robinson to Boston, check out an excerpt below.

MADISON, Wis. -- Moriah Landry grabs one throw pillow and then another, stacking the cushions on top of her father's head. Clearly proud of her creation, the 2-year-old scampers up her daddy's shoulders and plops herself on top of the pillows.

The queen of the roost has found her perch.

Not 30 minutes earlier and only 10 miles away, sleepy-eyed Wisconsin basketball players shuffled out of the Kohl Center and returned to their dorm rooms and apartments. Their hour-long weightlifting session was over and the campus, still under a shroud of fog this Monday, was just stretching awake at 8 a.m.

Like his teammates, senior Marcus Landry headed home, too.

He turned the lock on his apartment door to find 3-year-old Marcus (everyone calls him M.J.) brushing his teeth in the bathroom and already itching to play Wii. Moriah was sleeping but woke minutes later to climb her daddy's head; and in the back bedroom 1-month-old Makaylah made her presence known, fussing loudly for her bottle.

"It's a little bit more than the average student-athlete,'' Landry laughed.

Ya think?

The next time a student-athlete whines about the grind of coursework and Division I athletics, someone ought to hold up Landry's picture -- not the head shot in the media guide; the one hanging on his wall. You know, the one with his wife and three kids.

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