Nate's next All-Star venture: HORSE?

After winning his third consecutive slam dunk title at this year's All-Star game, Celtics guard Nate Robinson announced he's retiring from the competition. But might we suggest a new venture at next year's festivities in Los Angeles: the HORSE competition.

Robinson and Rajon Rondo, who finished second to Kevin Durant in this year's HORSE competition, put up some trick shots before Wednesday's game against the Charlotte Bobcats. The pair started with heaves while seated on the Boston bench and Robinson nailed a pair of chucks (see one in our video above).

The two then moved to the area below the baseline, where Rondo actually shined with some makes during this year's event. This time, again, it was Robinson making the majority of the tosses that had to sail high over the edge of the glass to have a chance.

There's always the chance Robinson could toss his name in the 3-point contest, too. He's 8 of 11 from beyond the arc over the last two games, and 10 of 17 overall since coming to Boston. Keep that trophy close, Paul Pierce.