Glen Davis diary: Mr. Kool-Aid and more

Glen Davis diaryGlen "Big Baby" Davis has been keeping a player diary for ESPNBoston.com all season. Besides giving out autograph tips, Baby discusses his new teammates, what happened with Shaq and finally gives us a tour of his locker. (As told to Louise K. Cornetta)

I promised you guys last time, we'd take a look into my locker. Trust me, it's nothing too interesting. I just have clothes and socks, my drawers, shoes, my mouth piece and some food. I like all kinds of clothes. I'm a Louis Vuitton guy. I'm a Tommy Bahama lover. I'm a Rochester Big & Tall guy. I've got all kinds of stuff. I'm an all kinds of guy really. I've got a stylist to help me. For jewelry, I believe in a little bling. And forget gold or silver, it's all about platinum. My favorite watch is Invicta.

Now, my new locker-mate, Nate [Robinson], I can't complain about. Nate is a clean guy. I'm messy. He is a great teammate. One day I'm asking for some Kool-Aid before a game and look what he has in his locker ... a whole bunch of Kool-Aid mix! So I know who to go to now. He's Mr. Kool-Aid. Since the trade, we've had good chemistry. It's been good. Nate is a good basketball player. So he's going to fit in wherever we put him at. Because he knows how to play basketball, he'd fit in no matter what team he's on. I'm excited to be playing with him.

And we also just signed Michael Finley. I love it. He's a great guy who can shoot the ball. He's a veteran who knows what he's doing out there. He understands the game. Man, when the trade deadline comes you never know. I didn't know if I'd be traded. It's over with now and I can't worry about that stuff.

So you want to know what happened with Shaq? I know he hurt his thumb on that play with me. I just got the ball in his hand a little bit. What you see on TV is a lie. They edited what happened first. They had me grabbing his hand after he hurt it when it was really before. I was messing around with him. Shame on anyone on the Cavaliers who thinks otherwise. I was just playing with him, that's it. I know he needed surgery. So this time the only thing I hit Shaq with was I hit him with a text. He texted me back and everything's cool now.

Oh and here's a helpful hint if you want my autograph. If you're at a game, after warm ups, I walk off the court by the Celtics basket and I always stop for a few photos and autographs. So catch me then! When you yell out know that I'm back to just being called Big Baby now.