Million Dollar Mistakes

OTL: Antoine Walker (11:18)

It's difficult to say which disappeared more quickly: Antoine Walker's remarkable basketball skills or the $110 million he earned in 13 NBA seasons. OTL investigates how Walker went from millionaire NBA All-Star to the brink of bankruptcy. (11:18)

A three-time NBA All Star and veteran of 13 seasons, Antoine Walker made $110 million in salary and millions more in endorsements. However, with poor investment choices, a reckless gambling habit, and child support payments, Walker has lost most of his fortune. Mark Schwarz details Walker's million dollar mistakes:

He used to get the Garden crowd on its feet. Celtics fans could always count on 20 points and nine rebounds, and a shimmy shake on the side.

Antoine Walker had game. And he had swagger.

That was before the DUI in Florida 14 months ago. That was before he got busted in July in Nevada for bouncing a million dollars' worth of checks to three Las Vegas casinos. That was before his investment properties in Chicago went south.

Walker is dressed impeccably for our television interview in New York City. Gray pinstripe suit. This is a guy who was once robbed at gunpoint of his $55,000 Rolex.

He's cordial, but guarded. He has come to explain how he squandered his fortune and his reputation at warp speed.

"When you make the kind of money that I've been able to make throughout my career, it should last you forever," Walker said softly.

It's difficult to say what disappeared more quickly: Antoine Walker's extraordinary basketball skills or the $110 million he earned in 13 NBA seasons.

Walker, who also made millions off the court peddling goods for adidas as Employee No. 8, says he is not sure how much money he has left.

"It all depends on how much debt I can get out of," he said.

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